Jabalpur region is endowed with a rich and varied expanse of forest resources and is rich in medicinal plants as it meets the major demand and requirement of raw herbs. Jabalpur is surrounded by major forest areas from Amarkantak, Seoni, Mandla, etc. and is inhabited by tribal area to a large extent. To an estimate, there is a supply of major raw herbs from the Jabalpur region namely Amla, Neem, Ajmoda, Sagargota, Nagarmotha, Arjun Chal, Bhringraj, Ashwagandha, Podina, Marodfali, Satawar, Musli, Shankhapushpi, Tulsi, Shilajeet, etc. to name a few to all over the country to a tune of approxiamtely 200 crores per annum.

Jabalpur is blessed with a Agriculture University, Veterinary University, Tropical Forest Research Institute, State Forest research Institute, National Research Centre for Weed Sciences (Only one of a kind in the world). There are manufacturing facilities for Baidyanath, Maharishi Ayurveda and Ayur in this region. Jabalpur region has thousands of Ayurveda practitioners making their own formulations and imparting consultancy and medications to the people.

There is an immense scope for Herbal & Ayurveda Hub in this region which would attract heavy investment in the near future. There is a scope for Herbal & Ayurveda University and a laboratory fortestinf of various herbs here which would conserve the herbs varieties.

Jabalpur is rich in sugarcane, soyabean, green peas, singhada, guava, rice, pulses, wheat, tomatoes, pultry, dairy and others. There is an abundance of water due to the holy river Narmada. There are three sugar mills functional in the region, there are also green peas processing plants here.

There are oppurtunities for setting up of Food Processing industries pertaining to Pickles & Chutneys, Jams & Jellies, Garlic, Nuts, Peas, Beans, Squashes, Jaggery & Confectionary, Pulps, Cereal products, Tomotoes Puulp, Mushroom Assorted vegetables, Sweet Corn, Milled products, Poultry products, Dairy products, Natural Honey.

The milk production in Jabalpur region feeds to adjoining states. It is also the largest producer of eggs and has one of the most critically acclaimed hatchery in Central INdia. the region also possesses an Agro & Agro based products SEZ about 28 Kms from Jabalpur.

Jabalpur region has abundance of minerals and ores namely iron ore, bauxite, limestone, marble, manganese ore, dolomite, fire clay, etc. The iron ore exports to China from the Jabalpur region to a great deal. There are numerous cement plants in the Jabalpur region such as Maihar Cement, Prism Cement, Diamond Cement, Birla Cement.

There is asbestos cement sheet plant, hydrated lime plants, refractories, marble cutting and polishing plants such as SVIL, Ojaswi, R.K. Marble, etc. in this region. There is scope for fire clay units, mechanised brick plant, marble cutting & polishing plants, cement industries, etc. in this region.

Jabalpur is famous for the ready made salwar suit and shirts and there are about 400 manufacturing units in this region giving employment to about seventy five thousand skilled and unskilled personnel. The GOI has declared a Ready Made Garment Complex at the behest and initiative of the Jabalpur CHamber of Commerce & Industry. The market caters to the southern India.

There is a scope for eminent institute such as NIFT, washing and dyeing facilities for the denim wear as in the absense of the washing and dyeing unit there is no denim wear industry, There is a huge scope for the value added industries such as buttons, packaging, tag printing, threads, computerized embroidery, etc.

Jabalpur has to its credit various defence related industries of national repute and there is a scope for defence related ancillaries, Defence SEZ in the region.